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Summer 2016 in Malta

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Summer 2016 in Malta

Summer is quickly approaching. On a whim, one might very quickly conclude that summer 2016 in Malta translate to simply nothing else besides soaking up the sun and bathing in the sea.

True, Malta is adorned by many of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches being a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Having said that, there is a lot more to do and see then just lie on the beaches and bake in the sun whilst in Malta.

For those who love culture, Malta has an extremely rich culture, entwined with its eclectic history, dating back hundreds of years. Not only are there a large number of cultural sites one can visit, but also as a result, the island is home to numerous lively activities and events, including annual feasts and special occasions.

The Village Feasts

In these village feasts, you can see the age old traditions that the locals take so seriously. These would include banners, papier maché statues raised on wooden columns and festoons which decorate the main streets of the locality where the feast is taking place.

The inhabitants of the town or village then add to this festive mood by decorating their own balconies and also on their rooftops in a specific colour according to the feast they are supporting. Flags are also hoisted on public places and the private residences as a sign of participation.

A typical Maltese ‘festa’ lasts three days or longer.

feasts in malta

On any one of these evenings, you are bound to see hundreds of people in a festive mood.
Traditional and fast food stands vie with each other to sell their wares to the crowds of merry-makers.
These would include typical Maltese sweets and other delicacies.

feasts in malta

The evenings often end with a spectacular ground and aerial fireworks displays in an explosion of colour, firecrackers and loud petards.
When in Malta it is a must to go and sample one of the typical Maltese Feasts and enjoy the atmosphere together with the spectacular unique fireworks.

Nightlife in Malta

After a hot day there is nothing more relaxing then dining al fresco close to the sea, thus enjoying the summer nights’ breeze and tasting Maltese and Mediterranean culinary delights in your favourite company.
Malta is also well known for its nightlife. Over the years it has just been getting better and better! Paceville is the definite nightlife hotspot while around the entire St Julians area you will find an array of clubs and casinos as well as bars and restaurants.
Most of the establishments offer a quality experience, however expect the streets of Paceville and many of its bars to be over-run by younger English language students in the peak summer season. Ask a local where to go however and you will be given the correct direction to all the great haunts.

Isle of the MTV

One must not forget that several international artists perform in Malta throughout the summer, with the Isle of MTV being the largest outdoor, international clubbing event.
It is going to take place on the 28th June at the Granaries in Floriana. The lineup this year includes the likes of Steve Aoki and Wiz Khalifa so far.


isle of mtv malta

Jazz Festival

Not forgotten is The Malta Jazz Festival, which is one of the longest running and highly-acclaimed festivals organized by the Malta Arts Council.
This year is the 26th edition of the festival, where they intend to create a vibrant jazz atmosphere all around Valletta. This Festival is going to run between the 21st and 23rd July.


malta jazz festival

Scuba Diving

If you are looking for something more daring why not attempt scuba diving? The Maltese Islands are very well suited for this, and have earned a definite place on the international diving map, so you shall certainly not be disappointed.
If instead you prefer to remain above the water, there are various options to choose from such as parasailing or paragliding amongst others. However if you have something more relaxing in mind, why not charter a yacht!

scuba diving in malta

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